A flight itinerary is a printed itinerary from a website with your complete name, departure, destination, and travel date. It is needed for visa requirements in many countries. If you are flying internationally, it is essential to have this information on hand to ensure that you get approved in time for your intended flight.

Flight details are the first thing that a consular officer will see when you visit in person. Even if you have submitted all the necessary documents and information, the consular officer may still ask you questions about the flight, your travel plans, etc.

Your flight itinerary will include names of airports you will be flying out of as well as the date and time of your flight. In addition, you may also see the names and codes of the airline that you will be flying. Most airlines have websites where you can see your flight schedule as well as your other flight bookings.

Your flight schedule may also have all the car rental or hotel booking details, if applicable. If you are renting a car, it should contain the hire date and time, along with the car rental fees. The hotel booking will be more detailed and should clearly state the needed information such as room number and location and any additional services required.

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When applying for your visa, the consular officer will look at the flight schedule as part of his evaluation. There is no point in applying for a visa if you do not meet all the requirements. It’s a necessity. You must have the details of your flight booked into the system for approval. The consular officer will need these details before he makes a decision.

Additionally, there are several online sources where you can learn more about what to plan for your flight. You can search for this information, but remember that some sites may not be entirely reliable, so you may want to research thoroughly on other sources as well.

Some of these sources will give you all the needed details free for visa consideration. Others may only offer basic information about what is required for visa consideration, but it may be enough to help get your visa approved on occasion.

Compare what you can find on the free resources, then go to the paid resources. Some of the paid resources may also offer more useful information.

Once you are able to get the information on your flight itinerary, it is time to apply for the visa. Make sure that you have filled out everything accurately, including the visa application, paid all the necessary fees, and prepared other supplemental paper works.

After submitting the visa application, make sure that you follow up with your consular officer to let them know the papers and information you have provided.  It is to make sure that if you do not have all the necessary documents and information, your visa may get denied.

When making sure that the information is accurate, check with the air travel agent who issued the ticket. This is especially important if you have any stops along the way. It would be embarrassing for an airfare agent to cancel your trip because your itinerary was wrong.

A well-made flight plan will help you arrive at your destination. If you use the right resources for your visa application, the odds are good that your holiday or immigration to another country will succeed. And the trip will not be ruined by any mistake made during your visa